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Meet our Team

Meet the minds behind Positive MedicineTM.

Dr David Beaumont


David lives and plays in Cromwell, Central Otago in New Zealand. At the weekend you will find David riding his bike on the stunning shores of Lake Dunstan or photographing the landscape.

David enjoys a local Pinot and spending time with his friends and family. He and his Partner Susan are the proud parents of an adult son and daughter. The weekends also provide time for quiet thinking, reading and deep consideration of the plan ahead.

Although David likes to relax, global health is never far from his mind. He is always chewing on a new idea, thinking about people, and how to make their lives better.

On his journey he has met with many inspiring people, and he enjoys staying connected and looking for opportunities to help them fulfil their purpose

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About Positive Medicine Gayle Snyders CEO New Zealand health system reform NZ min

Gayle Snyders

As CEO of Positive Medicine, I explore the possibilities of what a future in healthcare can look like. This future re-integrates the art of medicine back into the science and practice of medicine. This future supports the development of Whole Person Health. Positive Medicine is the healthcare solution that the world is waiting for. I work with a global network of exceptional thought leaders in healthcare to bring those thoughts into tangible solutions that guide the way for an empowered, positive future for healthcare providers and the people who access that care.

I integrate my clinical experience as a physiotherapist working in the environments of high performance sport, the performing arts and chronic pain with my own journey from health through debilitating chronic illness back to thriving. The power of Positive Medicine to bring about Whole Person Health and healing is what I would like to share with the world.