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Meet the minds behind Positive MedicineTM.

Dr David Beaumont

Dr David is a Consultant Occupational Physician and author of the book Positive Medicine: Disrupting the Future of Medical Practice (Oxford University Press).

As a specialist doctor in the health of workers, he has assessed and advised thousands of people who have been let down by healthcare systems and not returned to work, experiencing years or a lifetime of disability. From the stories his clients have shared with him, and his own experience of ill health (including a heart attack, hip replacements and depression) he came to realise that there needs to be a shift in emphasis to preventative health, seeing people in the context of their whole lives.

As a former President of the Australasian Faculty of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, RACP, and sat of the Board of the Royal Australasian College of Physicians. He believes that the answer to healthcare system change lies in the creation of a movement that is a collaboration between patients and doctors. The future of medical practice lies beyond the doctor-patient relationship, in a person-doctor partnership. Together, we should be able to choose what is best for our own health, not be swept along (or forgotten) by systems.

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About Positive Medicine Gayle Snyders CEO New Zealand health system reform NZ min

Gayle Snyders

As CEO of Positive Medicine, I explore the possibilities of what a future in healthcare can look like. This future re-integrates the art of medicine back into the science and practice of medicine. This future supports the development of Whole Person Health. Positive Medicine is the healthcare solution that the world is waiting for. I work with a global network of exceptional thought leaders in healthcare to bring those thoughts into tangible solutions that guide the way for an empowered, positive future for healthcare providers and the people who access that care.

I integrate my clinical experience as a physiotherapist working in the environments of high performance sport, the performing arts and chronic pain with my own journey from health through debilitating chronic illness back to thriving. The power of Positive Medicine to bring about Whole Person Health and healing is what I would like to share with the world.

Wayne Findlay

Wayne Findlay is the founding director of The Back Room and formerly Findlay & Co Chartered Accountants. With a big vision and a passion for information technology, Wayne likes to explore new software and technology and drives the adoption of innovation in the business. His particular interest in cloud computing and his comprehensive understanding of smart business tools led him to establish The Back Room with brother Scott.

A family man, Wayne imparts his love of the outdoors and sport on his two children and is often seen going to work on his bike – preferring Lycra to a suit.

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