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A whole person approach to the health and wellbeing of workers.

For Employers

Positive Medicine will support your organisation to implement interventions that facilitate the development of a culture of both personal and organisational health.

With our consultancy services and comprehensive suite of programmes, and in collaboration with key network partners, we can support you in building an organisation that not only adapts with our rapidly changing occupational landscape but excels and thrives.

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Setting the Benchmark

As leaders dedicated to the welfare of your employees, our understanding of the true essence of their health and well-being is continually evolving.

Ensuring that we apply effective evidence based interventions, that create measurable, beneficial results to support conscious leadership within our organisation.

The research does exist, and the skills are available on a global scale. Positive Medicine has collaborated with world expert Dr Ray Fabius to bring the HealthNext benchmark assessment tool into New Zealand and Australia, ensuring it’s specifically applicable to our occupational landscapes.

Positive Medicine is Different

Positive Medicine provides a clear structured framework and tools for people to implement what is important for them and their family/ whanau.  

Grounded in Whole Person Health, Positive Medicine’s foundation programme, Project Me, uses a reflective learning process.

Participants gain insight and develop their own personalised plan along with the strategy to implement it.

Project Me was co-designed with the workers of Fulton Hogan and guides you to becoming the Project Manager of your own life.

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How it works

Delivered by Video in group sessions, participants complete a workbook which is personal to them and contains their own goals for every part of their lives.

This is a personal empowerment model which uses behaviour change science to bring about lasting improvement and achievement of potential.

Our experience is of an exceptionally high degree of engagement and compliance, and a deep understanding of the intention and purpose of the programme.

The intention and purpose is to enable the belief that we can control what happens in our life, we can influence our future health no matter what our current health.

Words of participants

“Project Me has given me the direction to identify where I am currently at and some tangible goals to achieve. Although I already knew some of it, writing it down and thinking about it in more detail will have such a positive influence on my life and my family’s life. It gave me confidence to really look at myself hard and also given me confidence about the reasons why I need to make some changes.”

“I got more out of this course than I thought I would. It really helped me to reassess and reset myself, and help me on the journey to being the person I want to be. If it’s to be, it’s up to me!”

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Take control of your life today

Positive Medicine enables you to see how life and health are inextricably
linked, empowering you to take control.

The concept of Positive Medicine and the programmes provided by Positive Medicine are the intellectual property of Positive Medicine and may not be copied or reproduced in any form without the prior written approval of Positive Medicine. Project Me is a trademark of Positive Medicine.

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