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Living healthy, happy, and fulfilling lives.


Whole Person Health delivered by Healthcare professionals.

Imagine Positive Medicine in Healthcare

The future of healthcare is enablement.

Developing Whole Person Health is the key to living healthy, happy, and fulfilling lives.

Healthcare professionals who develop their skills as Positive Medicine Practitioners can support individuals and communities at any stage of their life, and any level of health or disease.

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How does it work?

Positive Medicine is different.

Healthcare professionals, patients and clients are supported with Positive Medicine experiential learning resources to provide a framework to understand Whole Person Health.

As a Positive Medicine healthcare practitioner, you will assist your patients or clients by offering experiential learning resources that provide a comprehensive understanding of Whole Person Health.

You will serve as a guide in helping patients create a personalised care plan that incorporates choices, lifestyle adjustments, and appropriate medical interventions.

Becoming a Positive Medicine Practitioner

Becoming a Positive Medicine Practitioner will not only elevate the health and well-being of your clients, patients, and community, but also enhance your own personal health, job satisfaction, and overall sense of fulfilment. Moreover, it contributes to transforming the healthcare landscape, promoting a healthier workplace environment for you and your colleagues.

Apply to become a Positive Medicine Practitioner today.

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Take control of your life today

Positive Medicine enables you to see how life and health are inextricably
linked, empowering you to take control.

The concept of Positive Medicine and the programmes provided by Positive Medicine are the intellectual property of Positive Medicine and may not be copied or reproduced in any form without the prior written approval of Positive Medicine. Project Me is a trademark of Positive Medicine.

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