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Join The Positive Medicine Practitioner Academy

Learning together to support health and healing.

Connect and Train

Join Dr David Beaumont and Gayle Snyders, bringing together a group of like-minded doctors, nurses, health coaches and allied health professionals who want a brighter future for medicine – one that emphasises individual health and healing over disease and curing.


What’s in it for you?

– Connection with positive, future-looking people like you

– A dedicated learning platform with resources, workshops and other learning opportunities

– Sign up for certified Positive Medicine Practitioner training (currently FREE introductory offer – value $3000)

– Support your patients/clients with the Positive Medicine model.

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Community support

Positive Medicine is a developing field of medicine, and as a member of this organisation your skills and experience will support Positive Medicine to lead the way for a future of medicine where Whole Person Health is central.

Integral to the Positive Medicine concept, is the concept that as Healthcare providers, our health and wellbeing is essential to us being able to provide the level of care and the creative thinking that is needed to support our communities.

Take part in your own PM programme to support you in taking care of your own Whole Person Health.

How this works

1. You will apply to join, and we will screen applicants.

2. A monthly subscription fee of NZ$40 provides you with full access to the member community and events.

Take advantage of our one time only launch offer where certified Practitioner Training is provided free to all members who join in October 2023.

3. After you have completed the formal components of the Course Material, we’ll ensure that you have the skills you need to practice Positive Medicine well and safely and we will provide you with a Certificate, and enrol you to our practitioner network that connects you to clients and patients who wish to be supported on their health journey by a Positive Medicine Practitioner.

4. The membership organisation will provide you with ongoing learning, seminars and workshops as we develop this field of practice. You will be able to access Positive Medicine Programmes for your front-of-house staff and your clients.

We look forward to welcoming you!

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