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Positive MedicineTM

Take Control of your life and Health

Positive Medicine takes a multidimensional approach to health. This innovation in medical practice has two key features: integration and empowerment. Our programmes provide a framework and the tools for you to take control.

Designed by a doctor

Designed by a doctor, Positive Medicine goes beyond the medical model, adding in epigenetics, neuroscience and the science of aging.

The result is not just increased lifespan, but increased health-span –a higher percentage of life spent in good health and living life to the full.

A whole of life view

Taking a whole-person view of health, Positive Medicine uses the Māori Model of Health, Te Whare Tapa Whā, as a way of understanding how health is broader than just physical aspects, and incorporates physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual health. This integrated approach builds on modern medicine and combines all aspects of life that contribute to well being.

Physical Health

What could my Best Body be like and how do I progress towards it? How can I create the circumstances for healing, fitness and vitality?

Positive Medicine will provide you with a new way to look at your health. With a practical view of disease prevention, you will gain an enhanced life and a vibrant sense of well-being. This is a proactive approach to better living.

Where are you on the Disease Prevention Model?

Primary Prevention:
Am I fit and healthy and want to stay that way and thrive?

Secondary Prevention:
Has my health started to deteriorate and I need to tackle it now to reverse the changes or prevent further problems?

Tertiary Prevention
Have I got established disease and want to gain the best control and make the most of my life despite this?

Psychological Health

What would my Best Mind be like?

How can I learn to manage negative emotions and experience more positive ones? How can I have my brain functioning at its optimum level?

Mindset, a healthy mind and deliberate care for your mental health can unlock optimum well-being. Attitudinal shift and healthy brain function helps you to succeed in the things that are important to you: family, work and fun.

Emotional Health

What would it be like to experience my Best Heart?

Deep reflection and mindfulness about the relationships in your life can bring about significant change.

Explore how to improve relationships and make them more mutually fulfilling with a proactive approach to connection.

Spiritual Health

Beyond the structure of religion, explore what brings meaning and purpose in your life. Spend time reflecting on what’s important for you and your family. Deep thought about your life and legacy can provide healing and a sense of purpose.

Who is the essence at the heart of you? Right from childhood we develop a whole series of personalities that we present to the world. To fit in with other people’s expectations of us. As we go through life we develop more of more layers of these personas; roles that we fulfil at home, at work, with our friends, family, strangers.

Take control of your life today

Positive Medicine enables you to see how life and health are inextricably
linked, empowering you to take control.

The concept of Positive Medicine and the programmes provided by Positive Medicine are the intellectual property of Positive Medicine and may not be copied or reproduced in any form without the prior written approval of Positive Medicine. Project Me is a trademark of Positive Medicine.

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